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NAME - Checkers Drive Thru Robbery
Crime: Armed Robbery
City: Daytona Beach
Date: 05-31-2008
Time: 00:55:00
Status: Active
On 05/31/08 at approximately 12:56 am, an Armed Robbery occurred at the Checkers at 898 N. Nova Rd. S-1 placed an order at the window and when the employee handed S-1 his food, he handed the food to S-2 and then pulled out a small silver revolver. S-2 left through the drive thru as S-1 demanded the employee to give him the money. S-2 left on a silver bicycle on the north side of the business and traveled west on Brentwood Ave. S-1 reached in through the window and grabbed some of the cash from the register. S-1 left on a red bicycle and traveled through the Checkers parking lot around and proceeded west on Brentwood Ave. See attached photos of suspects from surveillance video.

S-1: B/M Dark complexion
19 20 years old
Approximately 600 180 lbs.
White t-shirt with green emblem on
the front
Black pants
Black baseball cap
Gold teeth on bottom

S-2: B/M Dark Complexion
19 20 years old
Dark clothing
Low cut afro

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