Name: Unknown Hispanic Suspect
Crime: Grand Theft
Date: 11-19-2005
Time: N/A
City: Deland
Status: Active

On 11/19/05 at approximately 1:00am, witnesses observed a Hispanic male load a yellow Massy Fergusson model 40E tractor onto a trailer. The H/M was wearing an orange vest and appeared to be a worker at the construction site. The male was unable to load the tractor with the box blade attached and disconnected the blade prior to loading. The male abandoned the blade at the site when he left. The tractor belonged to a local landscaping company. The serial number to the tractor is 51850674.

If you have any information please contact Detective Chris Jaques at the DeLand Police Department at 386-740-5850.

Details courtesy of the Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida -